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At Century International Travel and Tours we live and breathe travel. We are passionate about the industry. We continually strive to provide competitive fares which satisfies our customers.

We are an IATA accrediated travel agency since 1994. Over the years it has become a well established travel and tourism company with offices strategically located in Naif, Satwa, Al Qouz, Muhaisinah, Jabel Ali, DIP, Sharjah and Abu Dhabi.

Being a leading travel agency of UAE, we keep all the major airlines stock with updated infrastructure, which enable us to offer the services to our customers to any destination in any carrier world wide.



Century Intl Travel and Tourism.
Shop Number 9
Mohd Akil Ibrahim Abbasi Building,
Al Musalla Road, Naif, Deira
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tel : +971-4-2718999
Email : main@centurytravel.uae


Century Intl Travel and Tourism.
Shop Number 5
Al Qouz Mall,
Industrial Area III
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tel : +971-4-3255555
Email :


Century Intl Travel and Tourism.
Shop Number 9
Azhar Al Madina Hyper Market Building,
Sonapur, Al Muhaisina II
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tel : +971-4-2646000
Email :


Century Intl Travel and Tourism.
Shop Number 19
Morjana Plaza,
Opposite Big Mosque, Satwa
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tel : +971-4-3435123
Email : satwa@centurytravel.uae


Century Intl Intl Travel and Tourism.
Shop Number 2
Jabel Ali Mall,
Jabel Ali Industrial Area I
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tel : +971-4-8855555
Email : jabel-ali@centurytravel.uae


Century Intl Travel and Tourism.
Shop Number 1
Fida Al Madina Hyper Market,
Dubai Investment Park II
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Tel : +971-4-8834444
Email : dip@centurytravel.uae


Century International Travel.
Shop Number 10
Drascom Building, Musaffah
Opp ICAD Residential City Gate # 2
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Tel : +971-2-5555555
Email : abu-dhabi@centurytravel.uae


Al Qarn International Travel.
Shop Number 9
Fouzia Al Hissavi Building,
Near Nesto Hyper Market, Al Muwailah
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

Tel : +971-6-5323232
Email : sarah@centurytravel.uae

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Century Travel: Making Travel Easier

Travelling is one of the best things that you can do in life. By doing it, you get to discover unseen parts of the world and immerse yourself into those places. Unlike looking at pictures, travelling allows you to explore all the corners around the famous landmarks where you can see more than those that are shown on postcards. 

Here at Century Travel, we believe that people should experience travelling as much as they can. However, we know that planning travels may be a little stressful as it involves a lot of planning and organizing. With that, here are some tips that can help you make travelling easier! 


As much as possible, it’s actually nice if you try to research the place you plan to visit. Know more about the famous attractions and their exact locations. You can also check out the popular food in their cuisine so you can have an idea about what you can try in some of the popular restaurants there. You may also want to research the best time to visit some places which you want to go to. 

Plan your itinerary 

After you conducted research, it may be best that you make an itinerary of all the places you wish to visit. Exploring your freedom while travelling is fun but it’s also helpful if you have a specific timeline to follow. That way, you can visit two to three different attractions in a span of a few hours if they happen to be near one another. 

Check package tours 

Make sure to check some travel packages before you go. By participating in one, you will actually get to save some money as the rates for these packages are already inclusive of transportation fees and entrance fees to the popular attractions. You may even be amazed that some tours take their guests to underrated attractions that are as stunning as the ones you have researched about. 

Set your budget

Travelling is more fun if you are confident that you will not run out of money while you’re in a different place. With that, we highly suggest that you set your budget for your trip. This includes considering how much you can spend on shopping, food, and accommodation. 

Make a checklist

Lessen the need for unplanned shopping by double-checking your things. Make sure that you have a checklist for all the things that you need to bring. Use this checklist to guide you as you pack your things. After packing, look at your checklist once more so that nothing important will be left behind. You may also want to include your travel documents on your checklist. 

So, what are you waiting for? Check your schedule and see when you can fully relax. Contact us and let us help you with your dream vacation!

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