Ajman is the smallest of all emirates in the UAE. Located centrally along the western coast of the UAE, Ajman lies on the Gulf Coast, with its beach extending 16kms. Ajman is just about 460 Sq. Km., in area, including the regional waters, which is about 600 Sq. Kms. Ajman City is the capital of the emirate, and is located at a small creek of 16 Km in length along the North Eastern part of Sharjah.

Must Watch in Ajman

Major attraction in Ajman
Ajman has plenty of promises to tourist, owing to varied features of economic development currently prevalling in the emirates Ajman is witnessing considerable growth and development , just like in the rest of the UAE, and therefore, tourist attraction and activities , including shopping , cultural and shopping opportunities are growing rapidly.

  • Ajman National Museum
  • Ajman Fort
  • Sheik Zayed Ajman Mosque
  • Etisalat Tower
  • The Emirate City
  • Dhow Yard
  • Beaches
  • Shopping/Dining

Events in Ajman

  • 3RD Ajman International Environmental Conference
  • Military Show
  • Ajman Arabian Horse Show
  • Ajman award at the Mena travel Awards

Public Transport in Ajman

Transportation in the UAE is mainly possibly by means of cars.Cars take up the largest portion of transportation in the UAE, which is followed by the buses and then motorcycles.

  • Cars
  • Taxis
  • Buses